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Family Fun Adventures to Try on your Next Vacation to Destin

Family Fun Adventures to Try on your Next Vacation to Destin

Do you and your family have a fun filled vacation planned soon in Destin Florida? If the answer is yes, then we have to tell you all about the fun adventures that you can experience while you are on vacation. Staying with us in one of our Beach Homes can keep you and your family close to where the fun is at. Let’s look below at a few of the fun filled adventures that you can do while you are on vacation to sunny Destin Florida.

Flipper’s Adventures

Family Fun Adventures to Try on your Next Vacation to Destin

Heading to the Gulf Coast is something that many families love to do year-round, but have you ever considered doing a little snorkeling? Many don’t know that the Gulf of Mexico is a great place to start learning how to snorkel. Anyone in the family can join in on this adventure and it will take roughly 2 ½ hours. Your family will be able to do something that many want to do while in the Caribbean, but you get a chance to do it while on vacation. Not only will you see many different fish, but you will also get to see other fun things including unique seashells and some beautiful sea glass. Don’t miss this fun opportunity on the next time you are on vacation in Destin.

Dolphin Cruises

Another fun adventure that everyone in the family can enjoy is to go on a dolphin cruise or a sunset cruise. From viewing several homes that belong to the rich and the famous to having the best seat in town during our sunset cruise. Who wouldn’t want to see the beautiful colors of the sunset than seeing it from the water? Not only will you get to be adventurous and enjoy time out on the water with the family, but soda’s and waters are included on every trip. Sit back and enjoy the ride on the water with the family in a new adventure that you’ve ever done!

On the Pontoon

Family Fun Adventures to Try on your Next Vacation to Destin

Have you ever wanted to be the captain of your own ship or boat? If so, then this is the adventure for you. Renting a pontoon boat will keep you and your family together and you will be able to enjoy the crystal-clear water and the snow-white sand below your feet. You can either rent the boat for half the day or a full day. Be sure to bring with your sunscreen, food for lunch, water toys for the kids, life jackets for small children, towels and more. Make this fun adventure something that you will remember for years to come!

A few honorable mentions to enjoying the area is the Urban Air Adventure Park and Gator Beach. If you still haven’t booked your next vacation to Destin, then now is the time. We still have plenty of availability for your family to stay in a Beach Home today. We hope to see you and the family as you go on your next fun adventure in the area!

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