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Thanksgiving is almost here, and we’re so grateful for all of our guests who have visited our little oasis in the Sunshine State this year. Whether you’ve been a new guest, you’re thinking about a vacation getaway, or you’re seasoned vet with Holiday Isle Properties, we’re looking forward to the blessings of the new year and hoping you can join us for a fantastic holiday getaway this year. When you choose one of our vacation rentals in Destin FL, you’ll find that a family Thanksgiving getaway is just what you need!

Home Away from Home

What sets a vacation rental apart during the holiday season? Well, we’re here to help you out! When you pick a rental home with us, you’ll be getting more than just a room to curl up in at night and count sheep. Our condo rentals are pre-owned, and that means you’re not just walking into a hotel room, you’re stepping into a home. Thus making your holiday vacation already feel like you are where you are supposed to be before the ball drops in the New Years!

A Meal Together

Plus, we’ll make sure your rental or resort condo is like a piece of home while on vacation. To make it even better many of our locations feature full kitchens or kitchenettes, where you are free to create your own Thanksgiving or holiday meal. So, get your stretchy pants ready because hosting a meal at our rental locations are going to mean home-cooked everything! It’s sure to be like Grandma’s house, but with a way better view after stuffing yourself full of delicious savory bites and sweet treats!

Bring family and friends together this season even if you’re not at your own house this year, you can still create a home out of your vacation rentals in Destin FL. Holiday Isle Properties is here to be certain you have the best holiday season, and if you happen to be down along the Emerald Coast before those sleigh bells ring or the champagne starts flowing, make sure to cherish every minute with those you love! Finally, we wish all of our guests, past, present, and future, a festive season full of laughter and joy!

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